Location Product Trade Partner Industry Occupation University Major Basic Course
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Brazilian Locations

Showing exports, employment and education data, statistics and visualizations about the chosen Brazilian location.

Ex: Parauapebas Rio de Janeiro São Paulo Angra Dos Reis São José Dos Campos


Showing industries and locations that employ the selected occupation.

Ex: Administrative Assistants Vendors Other Building Maintenance Workers General Cargo Drivers Civil Engineering Assistants


Showing the occupations and locations with jobs in the selected industry.

Ex: Public Administration in General Restaurants Hypermarkets and Supermarkets Construction of Buildings Hospital Activities


Showing locations in Brazil that export and import the selected product and their destinations and origins.

Ex: Iron Ore Soybeans Crude Petroleum Raw Sugar Poultry Meat

Trade Partners

Showing locations in brazil that trade with the selected country and the products they export and import from them.

Ex: China United States Argentina Netherlands Japan


Showing the majors found in the selected univserity.

Ex: Universidade Paulista Universidade Norte do Paraná Universidade Estácio de Sá Universidade Nove de Julho Universidade Anhanguera - Uniderp


Showing the university and locations in Brazil where the selected major is found.

Ex: Business Education Health Sciences Management Law

Basic Courses

Showing the locations and schools in which these basic courses are taught.

Ex: Nursing Computers Administration Work Safety Mechanics